Hi, I'm Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I’m a Coach, Writer and Super-Manifester! I love all things self-development with a touch of spiritual thrown in…

What is Jessica’s Best Finds?

Jessica’s Best Finds is your go to resource for:

  • The best manifestation tools, techniques and methods to create the life of your dreams.
  • Advice and guidance to remove ALL the blockages to a truly abundant life.
  • Honest reviews on courses, books, gadgets and gizmos from the world of self-development.

I’ve created my dream life around the 5 pillars of personal growth, manifestation, meditation, spirituality and self care.

I’m now on a mission to help YOU do the same!

So how does Jessica’s Best Finds help with all that?

With freebies like these:

Manifest Anything in 7 Easy Steps

step-by-step guide

Manifest Anything in 7 Easy Steps

Numerology 101


Easily Calculate Your Numbers

Jessica’s Insiders Emails:

Jessica’s Insiders is where I share my very best finds right to your inbox. Manifestation tools and techniques, must read books and my favorite courses – this is one not to be missed!

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My weekly book club:

I’m an avid reader of all kinds of self-development books. Each week I share with Jessica’s Insiders a book that I think you’ll love. Some are old, some are new and others are a bit out there. I like to mix it up and keep things interesting for you…

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And, of course free Masterclasses:

I’m a proud partner of Mindvalley, and I LOVE that they offer so many amazing free Masterclasses. These quality courses have been truly transformative for me, and I’m so happy to recommend them to you.

Here’s just a few. To see all the free Masterclasses be sure to check out the Resources Page.

A Bit About Me…

I love writing articles in my office over looking the garden – it’s my happy place.  I love a good book. I love a gin and tonic (with a slice of lime) and cookie dough ice-cream…

I’m often asked if Jessica’s Best Finds is my full time job. No it isn’t. My day job is working with CEO’s and C-Suite executives to help them improve their leadership skills. So self-development is kinda my thing, though Jessica’s Best Finds is my opportunity to push the boundaries a bit. 

With Jessica’s Best Finds I explore the full gamut of self-development – manifestation, energy, numerology, tarot, spiritual guidance and my favorite, angels. It’s the stuff that isn’t typically discussed in corporate settings, but which I genuinely believe can have a positive impact on your ability to create your dream life. It’s here I embrace the woo!

And what about you? Are you ready to create YOUR dream life? I’d love to help you on the journey to create your dream life around the three pillars of manifestation, meditation and mindfulness. If you haven’t already, join Jessica’s Insiders and let’s get started!


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Jessica’s Insiders is where I share my very best finds right to your inbox.

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Hi, I'm Jessica