What are Affirmation Cards? [And 12 Easy Ways to Use Them!]

Positive Affirmations are hugely popular in the toolbox of any Coach or Author working in the field of self-development, positive psychology or spiritual growth. And with good reason – they get results! And one of the easiest ways to start using affirmations is by using Affirmation Cards.

Affirmation Cards are individual cards that have positive affirmations written on them. Positive affirmations are positive statements or phrases that are regularly repeated to encourage positive and helpful thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

So, now you know what Affirmation Cards are, read on to find out how they work and how you can use them…

How do Affirmations Work?

We all have a constant narrative running through our mind, pretty much from the time we wake up until we go to sleep at night. Often, this narrative is negative, critical, and focuses on all the bad things we don’t want in our life.

These thoughts are powerful as they are taken on board by the unconscious mind. They have a direct influence on what we believe, how we feel and most importantly, how we behave. So, these negative thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies, even if we don’t want them to!

What we focus on we create—be it good or bad.”

Gabrielle Bernstein

We’re constantly manifesting. Many people think that you can only manifest when you’re in a positive energetic vibration, but that isn’t true!

We manifest all the time, but if we’re thinking about negative things, we’ll be manifesting negative things. So, if we want to manifest positive things, we need to think about positive things. What you focus on expands.

Many people don’t realise that you can train your unconscious mind. People think that those constant thoughts that run through your mind are just who you are. They don’t realise that YOU are in control of your mind, NOT the other way around.

And this is where positive affirmations come in. Affirmations are a powerful way to re-train your unconscious mind so that it supports the creation of the life you DO want. The unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie!

By repeating positive affirmations regularly, you are telling your unconscious mind what you DO want it to focus on. The more you repeat something, the more your brain is engaged and stimulated by it (more on this here.)

In time, the unconscious mind will start to believe these affirmations as true. It will then begin to help you manifest these things, people and experiences in your life.

“Anything placed in your imagination and held there ultimately becomes your reality.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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How to Use Affirmation Cards

Affirmation Cards are a wonderful way to bring positive affirmations into your life. They are beautifully designed and make it easy to use affirmations throughout your day. Here’s my 12 favorite ways to use your Affirmation Cards:

1. Daily Draws: one of the most popular ways to use affirmation cards is to do a daily draw. Shuffle your deck of cards and take out a single card. Read the affirmation (out loud preferably) and make this your affirmation for the day.

Use Affirmation Cards as a Meditation Prompt

2. Meditation Mantra: this is one of my favourite ways to use affirmation cards. When you’re ready to start your meditation, take out a card from the pack. Read it and then close your eyes and begin your meditation. Meditate on the affirmation by repeating it to yourself as a mantra.

You can say it in your mind, as a whisper or out loud. I like to start by saying the affirmation silently, and then move to a whisper and then I finish by saying it out loud.

Doing it this way builds a level of intensity and emotional commitment to the affirmation. For me, by the time I am saying it out loud, I really believe and feel what I’m saying.

“The most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself.”

Marie Forleo

3. Ask Questions: affirmation cards are a great way to receive guidance from the Universe (or Spirit or God, which ever word resonates with you). When you’re feeling stuck on something or need a bit of inspiration, make it into a question for the Universe. Say your question out loud and then draw a card. For example,

“Thank you Universe for showing me an affirmation card that will provide guidance to me about X.”

4. Share your cards with others: I like to give my cards away to my friends and family too. If there’s a particular card that is relevant to something that a friend is going through, mail it to them or leave it in a place where you know they’ll find it.

Share Affirmation Cards with Others

5. Manifesting: if there’s something you are trying to manifest, go through your pack of affirmation cards and pull out any cards relevant to that topic. Use your intuition for this one – just choose any cards that resonate with you.

For example, if you’re trying to manifest some extra money, select any cards that relate to abundance, prosperity and being worthy of wealth.

Place the cards where you’ll see them throughout the day – on your desk, next to your bed, or on the fridge. The more often you see them the better. Read the cards each time you see them and this will help you get into the right energetic vibration to manifest whatever you desire.

Or you might like to put an Affirmation Card under your pillow before you go to sleep, more on the Pillow Method here. Or perhaps put one in your Manifestation Jar. More on this here.

Use Affirmation Cards on your Vision Board

6. Vision Board: select some affirmation cards to put on your vision board. This is a great way to articulate how you want to be and show up in the world.

7. Place a card on your mirror: I first learnt about affirmations from Lousie Hay. Louise was a huge advocate of saying affirmations out loud while looking in the mirror.

If you look yourself right it the eyes as you say your affirmation it makes for a very powerful statement. It also reveals any resistance you have to the affirmation, so that you can begin to unpick and remove the cause of the resistance.

8. Journaling Prompt: you can also choose a card to guide you on what you need to focus your self-development and growth on. Shuffle the pack and choose a card. Then, write in your journal the thoughts, ideas and inspiration that comes to mind based upon this affirmation card.

Use Affirmation Cards as a Journal Prompt

9. Keep some in your bag or wallet: I like to keep a couple of affirmation cards about abundance and gratitude in my wallet. That way, I see them every time I open my wallet to pay for something. In the busy-ness of the day it’s a great way to get an energetic boost!

10. A Message from your Higher Self: you can also use your affirmation cards as a message from your best / higher self. Ask, “what do I need to know today?” and then draw a card.

Decorate with Affirmation Cards

11. Decorate: I like to put some of my cards on my pin board and I’ve even put some in a picture frame. Many of the cards are beautifully illustrated and make lovely images to decorate your room or office with!

12. Get Some Inspiration: And finally, you can draw a card to give you a little boost of energy, insight or inspiration any time during the day. When you take a natural break from work, stop to make yourself a drink or even when you’re preparing lunch, draw a card to give yourself a little boost!

My Favorite Affirmation Cards

Each deck of affirmation cards has a different style, tone and vibe. It’s worth checking out a couple of different options to get a feel for what resonates with you. Here’s some of my favorites that are a wonderful starting point:

Affirmation Cards: Final Thoughts

If you want to create any sort of positive change in your life, then taking control of what you think is a crucial step. Every successful person the world over uses positive affirmations.

They may not all call them ‘positive affirmations’ but I promise you, every single one of them will use affirmations. This is because 80% of success is in the mind, and that starts with what you say to yourself, all day every day.

And remember, the negative thoughts that run through our minds are fuelled by the limiting beliefs that we have, so it’s important to address these too.

The amazing Marisa Peer has a FREE Masterclass where she teaches you how to recognize negative beliefs and repattern your mind for a greater career, better relationships and increased self-esteem. You can check it out for free here.

Marisa Peer

If you have any limiting beliefs, then you need to clear them so they don’t prevent your manifestation efforts from working.

The amazing Marisa Peer has a FREE Masterclass where she teaches you how to recognize negative beliefs and repattern your mind for a life of success, abundance and freedom. You can check it out here.

If you’d like more on positive affirmations, I’ve created a free guide for you called 365 Positive Affirmations: One for Each Day of the Year. It’ll give you loads of inspiration and make using positive affirmations super easy! It’s in my free Manifestation Toolbox (along with many other free guides, e-books and workbooks) which you can access for free here.

Also, be sure to check out my articles, 300 Best Love Affirmations here and 170+ Best Money Affirmations, which you can find here.

So, as you can see, Affirmation Cards are wonderful as they make it easy to use positive affirmations throughout your day. Training your mind to focus on what you DO want in your life takes time and consistency. But the rewards are huge – and the task is much easier when you use Affirmation Cards.

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