300 BEST Love Affirmations [A Definitive List]

Love affirmations are a key tool in the manifestation toolbox. Understandably so, as they’re a powerful way to manifest the love, romance and relationships you desire in your life. So, what exactly are Love Affirmations and how do they work?

Love affirmations are positive statements or phrases related to love, romance and relationships that are regularly repeated to encourage positive and helpful thoughts, feelings and attitudes in order to manifest love in your life.

How do Love Affirmations Work?

Manifesting your soul mate, strengthening a long-term relationship or even getting your ex back, relies on the energetic vibration you’re putting out into the world.

We have a constant narrative running through our minds from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep.

These thoughts may be observations about what’s going on around you and what you are experiencing. But more often than not, they’re negative thoughts and criticisms about ourselves and others.

If you’re thinking negative or limiting thoughts, you’re going to be in a low energetic vibration. Unfortunately, most of the thoughts that run through our minds tend to be negative. As a result, they don’t help us create the loving and nurturing relationships that we desire.


Take a moment to reflect…

Are you always thinking negative thoughts about your partner?

Do you focus on their shortcomings?

Do you harbour resentment against your ex?

Are you feeling needy for love and acceptance?

Do you feel jealous of those who have the romantic relationship you desire?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re putting out a negative vibration! As a result, it will be hard to manifest the romance, love and relationships you desire.

The tricky thing is that these negative thoughts just seem to pop into our mind. Sometimes it feels like we can’t shake off the way we think! These thoughts sit at the unconscious level, so we’re often not even aware of them and the negative impact they’re having on our results.

Often, people don’t realise that they have the power to change what they think. They believe that their mind is in charge, not them! But this isn’t true!

Using Love Affirmations is a powerful way to rid yourself of negative and limiting thoughts. Research shows that using affirmations throughout the day leads to greater happiness, hopefulness, optimism and less anger and sadness. More on this here.

Love affirmations also send out positive energy about the love, romance and relationships that you do want. Positive Love Affirmations turn your focus away from the problem (that you don’t want) and places it firmly on the solution that you do want.

“By always reaching for the feeling of joy, or well-being, you would always be moving towards that which you desire.”

Eckhart Tolle

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Tips to Make Love Affirmations Work for You

If you read any Manifestation message board or the comments section of a relationship blog, you’ll know that people have mixed success with Love Affirmations.

Some people swear by them and others are adamant that they don’t work. Putting my tuppence worth into the debate, I believe that affirmations do work – I’ve had much success with them. But they aren’t a magic wand, and they won’t work if you’re not genuinely aligned with them.

You may be doing your affirmations for 20 minutes every day, but what about the other 23 hours and 40 minutes? What are you thinking then? What energy are you putting out into the world for the rest of the day?

To give you the best chance of success with your Love Affirmations, here’s a few tips:

Get Clear on What you Want to Manifest

Clarity: Get clear on what you want to manifest. Take some time to meditate on this and write your thoughts and ideas in your journal.

Choose Love Affirmations that resonate with you. You need to believe the affirmation is possible for you (even if it

feels a bit of a stretch – that’s okay). So don’t pick something that you can’t relate to at all or something you think you should aspire to, but don’t really. The more genuine you are able to feel the affirmation the better.

“You become what you believe. You are where you are today in your life based on everything you have believed”

Oprah Winfrey

Act as if: Meditate on your Love Affirmation as if it’s already happened and it’s true in your life. Visualise what it will be like and prepare your mind and your heart for this new reality.

Act As If
Affirmation Cards_Blog Image

Mix it up: Use your Love Affirmations in different ways. Try writing them in your journal, saying them out loud, using them in your Manifestation Jar or try Affirmation Cards. Mixing it up keeps it interesting and so you’ll be better able to genuinely feel the affirmation, rather than going through the motions.

Let it go: Finally, once you’ve done your Love Affirmations, let them go and carry on with your day. Resist the temptation to hold on to your affirmations too tightly. You don’t want to fall into the trap of Manic Manifesting.

So, don’t try to control every detail of

Affirmations for Love

your manifestation, as this will only put you in a negative vibration. Let go of control and trust that the Universe will manifest whatever is for your highest good.

And remember like attracts like. You need to be, think and behave like that you wish to attract. Be congruent with your Love Affirmations throughout the day. BE the energetic vibration of Love or Above (as Christie Marie Sheldon says!)

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300 Best Love Affirmations

So, now you understand how Love Affirmations work and how to get the best out of them. Let’s get on with the all-important list of Love Affirmations for Love, Romance and Relationships…

  • Healthy relationships flow freely and abundantly to me.
  • I accept perfect divine love right now.
  • Being loved is my birthright.
  • Being single doesn’t diminish my worth.
  • A happy partnership is supportive, balanced and affectionate.
  • All of my relationships are long-term and offer a positive, loving experience.
  • Attracting love begins with self-love.
  • Each day I am so grateful for how loved I am.
  • I am attracting my soulmate.
  • I am absolutely committed to my marriage.
  • Even if I am hurt, offering love and compassion is always the right thing to do.
  • Every day I receive more love.
  • I am attracting a kind, gentle, loving partner.
  • Everything I do aligns with the vibration of love.
  • Fulfilling relationships come to me freely.
  • A river of romance fills my life with love and joy.
  • I accept a loving, healthy and happy partnership.
  • Every day I become more loving.
  • I accept my spouse for who she/he is.
  • I am confident that my partner is making the right choices.
  • I am grateful for the connection with my soulmate.
  • I adore being loved and wanted by my partner.
  • I allow the Universe to help me find love.
  • I am open and ready to give and receive love.
  • I am a good person and deserve to be loved.
  • I accept that I can receive love and happiness right now!
  • I am constantly surrounded by love.
  • I am attracting a trusting, loving marriage.
  • Each day is an opportunity for love to grow.
  • I am attracting the perfect person for me.
  • I am basking in the love, security, and trust of my marriage.
  • I accept that I am infinitely loved.
  • I am manifesting my dream partner.
  • I am blessed to have a partner that I can trust with my secrets.
  • I am capable and deserving of a long lasting relationship.
  • I am confident, self-assured and full of charisma.
  • I accept that I am loved and treasured for who I really am.
  • I am full of unconditional love.
  • I am deserving of the love that I receive.
  • I am eternally grateful to have a partner like mine.
  • I am faithful to my spouse and my spouse is faithful to me.
  • I am attracting deep, earth-shattering, soul-shaking love.
  • I am grateful for all the love and affection I get.
  • I accept that I don’t have to do anything to be loved and happy.
  • I am happy to give and receive love every day!
  • I am in a wonderful relationship with someone who treats me right.
  • I am lovable.
  • I am in seventh heaven when I am alone with my partner.
  • I am irresistible to my partner and she/he is attracted to me.
  • I am beautiful and worthy of love.
  • I accept that a warm, loving, committed marriage is mine right now.
  • I am love and light.
  • I am attracting my dream future.
  • I am loved more than I ever thought possible.
  • I am magnetic and irresistible to those around me.
  • I am open to giving and receiving in relationship.
  • I am inviting abundant love into my life.
  • I accept that I can receive romance right now.
  • I am open to marriage and attracting my future spouse.
  • I am happy in my marriage and do my best to make it work and last forever.
  • I feel comfortable expressing my feelings and needs to my partner.
  • I find romance everywhere I go.
  • I am attracting my true soul connection.
  • I am overwhelmed with love!
  • I am radiating love.
  • I enjoy how my partner showers me with romance.
  • I am grateful for the abundance of love in my life.
  • I am ready for love to change my life.
  • I am loved, loving and lovable.
  • I am grateful for the love in my life.
  • I am in a healthy and loving marriage.
  • I am ready to receive love.
  • I am surrounded by an abundance of love.
  • I am swept up in romance!
  • I am terrifically charismatic.
  • My soul is nurtured by the abundance of love in my life.
  • I am loved for who I am.
  • I deserve love and affection.
  • I am thankful for the love in my life and I am thankful for my caring partner.
  • I am the essence of Divine Love.
  • I am with the love of my life. We both treat each other with respect.
  • I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.
  • I feel comfortable trusting my partner.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am so thankful for my partner and how caring they are.
  • I am in the healthiest relationship of my life!
  • I attract healthy, loving and respectful relationships.
  • I believe in love.
  • My relationships are long-lasting and they make me feel loved.
  • I am full of positive loving energy.
  • I am open to a healthy, loving relationship that is right for me.
  • I believe in the integrity of my partner.
  • I can view things from my partner’s perspective.
  • I choose love over fear.
  • I am savoring the feeling of being loved and cherished by my spouse.
  • My partner and I communicate well and openly.
  • I connect with others easily.
  • I am in a loving and lasting relationship.
  • I deserve a profoundly nurturing and fulfilling passion.
  • I am open to receive knock-my-socks off love.
  • I love myself, my partner and all those around me.
  • I have much love inside of me to share with others.
  • I open myself to the love the Universe gives me.
  • I love loving and being loved by my mate.
  • I desire a true partnership in marriage.
  • I love that my relationship is becoming more romantic every day.
  • I desire love and receive it in abundance.
  • I develop chemistry with ease with those that I am attracted to.
  • I don’t need to do anything to deserve love.
  • I draw love and romance into my life with ease.
  • I embrace the sacredness of marriage.
  • I am in a relationship with someone I respect who also respects me.
  • I feel free to be myself in my relationship.
  • I have the power to give love endlessly.
  • I am loved. I am loved. I am loved!
  • I am manifesting a healthy, loving relationship.
  • I am attracting a real connection.
  • I am surrounded by love in every way.
  • I feel loved fully for who I am.
  • I enjoy being loved and treasured by my amazing, kind, and generous partner.
  • My partner and I are perfect matches for each other.
  • Love fills my soul with warmth.
  • I feel safe and secure with my partner.
  • I am open to receiving more romance in my life.
  • I radiate unconditional love.
  • I feel eternally grateful to have my partner in my life.
  • I love being in a relationship.
  • I enjoy sharing the real me in relationships.
  • I exhale negativity and inhale happiness.
  • I am ready for the commitment of marriage.
  • I feel comfortable being myself in the relationship.
  • My partner and I go out of our ways to support each other.
  • I attract only loving and committed people.
  • I am worthy of love and deserve to receive love in abundance.
  • I feel like I matter. I am a contribution to this world.
  • I am making room for an amazing partner in my life!
  • I feel loved, cherished, and fulfilled in my relationship.
  • I am ready to meet my soulmate.
  • I give and receive romance freely and happily.
  • I feel the love of those around me immensely.
  • I am filled with the vibration of love.
  • I go through life knowing how loved I am.
  • I find love everywhere I go.
  • I foster respect and open communication with others.
  • I give and receive love freely and fully in all my relationships.
  • I have full confidence in my partner.
  • I love romance and romance loves me.
  • I deserve love and I get it in abundance.
  • My spouse is very supportive and encourages me to follow my passion.
  • I give my heart, ready to receive the heart of another.
  • I happily give and receive love each day.
  • I have an infinite supply of love to give and receive.
  • I have the most loving person in my life and I am enjoying every moment of it.
  • I love those around me and I love myself.
  • I attract relationships to me that are for the highest good of all.
  • My partner and I communicate well with each other.
  • I honor my feelings and respect others boundaries.
  • I trust the Universe will only bring me positive and loving relationships.
  • My marriage is becoming deeper and stronger each day.
  • There is a great level of trust in our relationship.
  • I love laughing and having fun in my relationships.
  • I am worthy of love just as anybody else.
  • I enjoy the safety and security of my loving marriage.
  • I love sharing amazing conversations with my friends, family and lover.
  • I am in a joyous relationship with someone who truly loves me.
  • I know that my soulmate is out there.
  • I give out love and it is returned to me multiplied manyfold.
  • I love being with people who bring out the best in me.
  • My partner and I are both happy and in love. Our relationship is joyous.
  • I love deeply and with passion.
  • I see myself as being filled with love and happiness.
  • I let go of my past relationships and look to the future.
  • I am surrounded by people who love me unconditionally.
  • I trust the Universe will find me my perfect match.
  • My relationships are always safe and fulfilling.
  • I let my partner surprise and delight me with romance.
  • I look forward to growing old with my spouse.
  • I love and accept my partner, warts and all.
  • The Universe is love.
  • My partner and I trust each other completely.
  • I love myself and am open to love.
  • I deserve mind-blowing passion in my relationship.
  • I feel surrounded by love everywhere.
  • My soulmate will come to me at the right time.
  • I love myself and in turn attract love.
  • I deserve to be happy in my relationship.
  • I release and forgive to open my heart.
  • I love that my marriage is becoming stronger and more loving every day.
  • My partner and I grow together through every situation.
  • The more I love myself the more love I receive from others.
  • I open my heart to love and know that I deserve it.
  • I deserve to be loved and be treated with respect.
  • My heart is prepared to receive love.
  • I love the feeling of being in love.
  • I feel free to draw boundaries in my relationship.
  • I love to give and receive love.
  • My marriage will stay strong for the rest of our lives.
  • The universe is full of love.
  • I love who I am, and so does my partner.
  • I naturally attract love everywhere I go.
  • My partner loves, trusts, and respects me.
  • I love my soulmate and I love myself.
  • I offer acceptance, support, and love for my friends and family.
  • I am open to love.
  • My relationships are positive and offer the highest good to all.
  • I sense divine love connecting me with my partner.
  • My relationships are always fulfilling.
  • The relationship with my partner is trusting, loving and loyal.
  • I only attract healthy, loving relationships.
  • I radiate love to all beings.
  • The Universe is bringing me only the most positive relationships.
  • My partner is a reflection of me.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • My partner and I share a strong and powerful love for each other.
  • To love unconditionally is the greatest gift.
  • I feel free to reveal my true self to my partner.
  • I attract loving and caring people into my life.
  • My spouse and I love each other unconditionally.
  • I receive love in abundance from everyone I meet.
  • My partner makes me feel safe and secure in our relationship.
  • I release all past hurt and am ready to be vulnerable in love again.
  • True love starts within.
  • My marriage is built on love, trust, and respect.
  • Love starts with me.
  • My partner and I are in a healthy relationship.
  • The more I love a person, the more they love me in return.
  • I respect and appreciate my partner.
  • I spread love and receive it back many times over.
  • I love filling my relationship with romance.
  • I only think positively about love.
  • My partner and I have set healthy boundaries in our relationship.
  • I welcome love with open arms.
  • Love follows me everywhere I go.
  • My partner is a loving, supporting and respectful person.
  • The more love I give, the more I receive.
  • I spread love to those around me and it returns to me in abundance.
  • I surround myself with positive and loving people.
  • I thrive and enjoy being in a loving, supportive, and happy marriage.
  • I treat my relationship with the care and attention it deserves.
  • My relationship is open, honest and full of abundance.
  • The love I am seeking is seeking me.
  • I trust my heart to guide me to true love.
  • I see love. I feel love. I am love.
  • I understand that marriage is pure bliss and I have achieved it.
  • Love is a white light that fills me with its healing powers.
  • My marriage grows stronger every day.
  • The love I seek from others is cultivated within me first.
  • I attract strong, healthy relationships.
  • I give and receive love and respect in my relationship.
  • I trust the Universe to bring my true love to me.
  • I love, trust, and respect my partner.
  • I appreciate my spouse for all she/he does to strengthen our marriage.
  • Trust in my partner is growing stronger every day.
  • The more I desire someone the more they become attracted to me.
  • I welcome love and romance into my life.
  • I open to give and receive love.
  • The universe is bringing my soulmate to me!
  • Wherever I go, I find love.
  • I will never give up on finding true love.
  • Love comes easily to me.
  • My inner beauty naturally radiates outwards.
  • I enjoy being in a relationship with my partner.
  • There is so much love in my life.
  • Love surrounds me and everyone around me.
  • My body and soul is overflowing with love.
  • My heart is always open to love.
  • Love is my birth right.
  • My partner loves me and I love him/her.
  • My spouse loves and accepts me just as I am.
  • I love that my relationships are in harmony with my highest good.
  • My heart offers love to all beings everywhere.
  • My love (and/or marriage) grows stronger every day.
  • Love is attracted to me and I am attracted to love.
  • My love is a precious gift.
  • The Universe is bringing me romance and passion.
  • My love is beautiful, intense, and passionate.
  • My heart radiates with unconditional love towards every being.
  • I naturally find love everywhere.
  • My marriage is the ultimate gift from God.
  • I love being in love and loved by my spouse.
  • Today I continue to create a happy and loving relationship.
  • My partner and I resolve our conflicts peacefully and respectfully.
  • I trust that love will find me.
  • My soulmate is entering my life.
  • My partner shows me deep, passionate love.
  • The love I receive from my spouse helps me to be a better person.
  • My spouse is my best friend.
  • Other people treasure my love.
  • Our relationship is very important to me and my partner.
  • People around me take care of me and respect me.
  • Real love starts from within.
  • My inner self is healthy, my heart is faithful, and my love is unconditional.
  • Sharing love comes easily to me.
  • The door to lasting love is open to me.
  • I love to fall in love with the same person, again and again.
  • The Universe wants the most fulfilling, wonderful love for me.
  • My heart is open and ready for love.
  • My marriage is protected by the powerful love my partner and I have for each other.
  • Today I attract love and happiness.
  • My soul mate is waiting for me.

Love Affirmations: Final Thoughts

Phew! That’s one long list! Love Affirmations are a powerful and empowering way to make a declaration to the Universe about the love, romance and relationships you desire in your life.

If you’d like more on positive affirmations, I’ve created a free guide for you called 365 Positive Affirmations: One for Each Day of the Year. It’ll give you loads of inspiration and make using positive affirmations super easy! It’s in The Manifestation Toolbox (along with many other free guides, workbooks and masterclasses) which you can access for free here.

Also, be sure to check out my articles, 170+ Best Money Affirmations, which you can find here and What are Affirmation Cards [And 12 Easy Ways to Use Them], which is here.

If done with the right energetic vibration of love, positivity and optimism, Love Affirmations can be extremely effective. Be open to possibility and focus on BEING the love you wish to attract!

“Be ready for love when it does come. Prepare the field and be ready to nourish love. Be loving, and you will be lovable. Be open and receptive to love.”

Louise Hay

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