How to Use a Manifestation Jar [A Comprehensive Guide]

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘Energy Flows Where Attention Goes…’ Well, a Manifestation Jar is one of my favourite manifesting techniques to ensure that lots of positive energy flows towards my goals, dreams and intentions. A Manifestation Jar is fun, easy to do and it works!

A Manifestation Jar is a Law of Attraction technique used to manifest goals, dreams and aspirations into your life. You write a goal, dream or intention on a piece of paper and place it in a clear jar, along with objects that represent your goal and items to help the manifestation process.

There are two main ways to use a Manifestation Jar, depending on if you want to manifest one specific goal or want to manifest several things. Read on for a full run down on both manifestation methods…

How to Use a Manifestation Jar to Manifest a Single Goal

First, you need to decide on your goal. Take some time to meditate and to tune into what you want. If you need some guidance with meditating, try Emily Fletcher’s free meditation Masterclass here. Emily is amazing – I promise you’ll love it!

The M Word

You might like to also write your thoughts and ideas in your manifestation journal, so you can identify exactly what it is you want.

Be as specific as you can when deciding what you want. And state it in the positive, i.e. say what you do want, not what you don’t want – it’s a positive affirmation.

For example, try “I am totally healthy. My body is slim and toned and I easily fit into my clothes” rather than, “I don’t want to be overweight anymore”.

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The Manifestation Toolbox

Be sure to download your free Guide, 365 Positive Affirmations (one for each day of the year). 

You'll find it in  The Manifestation Toolbox. It's a treasure trove of free manifestation guides, workbooks and masterclasses.

Now, write your goal on a piece of paper and place it in your jar. Add items to the jar that represent your goal and will facilitate the manifestation process, such as sea salt, cyrstals and essential oils. Check out below for some inspiration and ideas on what to include!

Place the jar in a special place where it won’t be disturbed and also some where you’ll see it every day (or ideally multiple times per day) such as on your desk or in the kitchen.

Take a few minutes every day to meditate on your goal. Visualise yourself having already achieved the goal. Let your imagination flow and really experience what you will feel, be and do when you have your goal.

Manifestation Jar for Single Goal

In this Manifestation Jar I have a layer of sea salt, some crystals, fresh basil, my lucky dragon, a drop of Litsea (also known as May Chang) and of course my goal written on a piece of paper.

Imagine the goal is done and feel gratitude for having it in your life. The aim here is to raise your vibration so that you are in the right energy to receive your goal!

Being in gratitude for the not-yet manifested informs the Universe that you know that what you desire already exists and puts you at the right frequency to receive it.”

Jen Sincero

When you are meditating ask the Universe (or Source, Spirit, God which ever word resonates with you) to guide you on the one thing you can do today to take you a step forward towards your goal.

This guidance will likely come to you as inspiration or a ‘knowing’ that X is the right next step for you. Don’t force or stress about this, you want the inspiration to come to you naturally, but an important part of manifesting is taking action.

Many people think that manifestation will just happen without them doing anything. The Universe will give you a massive helping hand, but manifestation does require you to be an active participant!

Manifestation Jar for Single Goal with Essential Oils

How to Use a Manifestation Jar to Manifest Multiple Intentions

Another way to use a Manifestation Jar is to write an intention, affirmation or dream on a piece of paper every day (or how ever frequently feels right to you) and place it in your jar. This could be:

“I am…” affirmations, e.g. “I am calm and at peace.”

“I have…” affirmations, e.g. “I have the power to create the life I dream of.”

“I release the need to…” affirmations to let go of something or someone that is no longer serving you, e.g. “I release the need to judge and criticise myself. I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”

Or you can write anything that resonates with you…there really is no right or wrong here, this is your private jar and no-one else needs to see what you have written, so let loose and write whatever you like!

Manifestation Jar for Multiple Intentions

I have written an intention on a piece of paper every day for this Manifestation Jar and have added sea salt, my obsidian pyramid, coins, fresh rosemary and a couple of drops of orange essential oil.

As you go, add any objects that you want to your jar – it may be objects that you feel represent what you have written or simply an object that inspires you and makes you feel happy. Check out the ideas below if you are looking for some inspiration for what you include in your Manifestation Jar.

Just as before, place your jar in a place where you’ll see it throughout the day – the more often the better. Take some time every day to hold your jar and meditate on it.


Each day open your jar, take out one of the pieces of paper and read it out aloud. This may feel a bit funny at first but the human voice conveys emotional states (which you can find out more about here if you’re interested). Saying it aloud is important to build the energy behind your goal!

Also, spend a couple of minutes visualising what you have written on the paper. Really imagine what it will be like to be, do or have what you have written on the paper. Imagine it as it you have it now, not some point in the future.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” 

Bob Proctor

Raise your vibration by saying thank you and really feel the joy and gratitude for having this thing in your life! When you first start doing this, it may feel difficult (or even silly) to really imagine and really feel gratitude but just try your best and keep at it – it gets easier the more you do it!

Manifestation Jar for Multiple Intentions with Essential Oils

What to Include in Your Maninfestation Jar

Your Manifestation Jar is a personal thing and it’s a reflection of you and where you’re at on your journey, so it’s really up to you what you choose to put in it.

Choose objects that represent your goal, affirmation or intention. The idea is to raise your vibration and to help evoke feelings aligned with what you’re wanting to manifest. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here just go with whatever appeals to you and feels good. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Sea Salt for manifestation Jar

Sea Salt: Often used when you want to manifest abundance, sea salt can absorb negative energy and encourage positive energy to amplify your manifesting. It will make a great base for your jar – it must be sea salt though, not table salt!

Crystals: I love crystals and there’s so many ways to use them. They each have their own properties so choose one related to what you want to manifest:

  • Rose Quartz for love and self-compassion
  • Amazonite for communication and inspiration
  • Pyrite or Citrine for money and financial abundance
  • Amethyst for spirituality
  • Carnelian for creativity and motivation
Crystals for manifestation Jar
Essential Oils for manifestation Jar

Essential oils: Add 1-3 drops into your jar so that each time you open it you get a beautiful and uplifting smell that you’ll soon come to associate with manifesting. Litsea, Wild Orange and Clary Sage essential oils are all wonderful for manifestation.

Herbs: Another great option is to include some herbs in your jar:

  • Patchouli to attract wealth and prosperity
  • Basil is a great all-purpose herb for prosperity, success, peace, protection, happiness, purification, tranquillity and love.
  • Bay for success and wisdom.
  • Cinnamon for success, energy, healing and protection.
  • Ginger is a booster, so use it to stimulate love, finances or success.
Herbs for manifestation Jar
Pictures for manifestation Jar

Pictures: Grab some scissors and magazines and cut out any images that resonate with you. Look for pictures that represent what you want to manifest or evoke a feeling that’s related to your manifestation, for example a picture of a beautiful tropical beach if you want to evoke a feeling of calm and clarity.

Objects: Include any objects that represent what you wish to manifest or just things that inspire you. Perhaps a special coin for financial abundance, a little black cab if your manifestation is about a trip to London, or a heart if you want to manifest your soul mate – you get the idea!

Objects for manifestation Jar

Does this really work?

Short answer is YES (if you do it properly!) The power of a Manifestation Jar is that it works on a number of levels.

Using a manifestation Jar can help you to get really clear about what you really do want if your life, as often it’s easier to say what we don’t want (“I don’t want to be broke all the time”, or “I don’t want to be in this toxic relationship” for example).

Stating what we don’t want is far easier than saying what we do want. Making a

Manifestation Jars Questions

positive statement about what we do want takes some thought and self-reflection and many people find this difficult when they first start.

Writing your goal, dream or intention on a piece of paper sends a very clear message out to the Universe about what you do want to see in your life.

And so, the Universe will begin to put positive energy behind this goal. Also, having your goal in a very visible format ensures that you see it regularly and it acts as a daily reminder to your Conscious Mind to keep you moving forward towards your goal – by making plans, making decisions and taking action.

Manifestation Jars Do Work!

Your Unconscious Mind also plays a big part in this too! Your Unconscious Mind controls much of your behaviour and feelings on a day-to-day basis without you even realising it.

The Unconscious Mind is constantly making decisions for you, and when

presented with two (or more) options if it knows that X will take you towards your goal (and that is something you want), then it will choose that option.

If the Unconscious Mind doesn’t know which option is preferable for you, it will always choose the path of least resistance, i.e. the easiest option, which may not necessarily support your goal.

How Long Does it Take?

OK – so let me manage your expectations…

Many people think that using a technique like a Manifestation Jar will fix their problems and create their dream life overnight and with no effort on their part.

When this doesn’t happen, they get discouraged and think that manifestation doesn’t work. It does. You just need to be patient.

How Long Do Manifestation Jars Take to Work

“Instead of obsessing about the outcome, focus on how you want to feel.”

Gabrielle Bernstein

 The Universe ensures that we are always in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time, for our particular journey. So, you need to let go and relinquish control of the when.

The Universe has a plan for each of us and will ensure we get our goal at the right time. It’s our job to be open to the guidance and to take action on the inspiration when it comes.

I know this can be hard – it’s the part where you need to have faith!

“If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon.”

Abraham Hicks

Your Manifestation Jar: Final Thoughts

When it comes to manifesting there’s no magic wand what will make all your dreams come true. There is no instant manifestation! There are manifestation methods that can help though, and a Manifestation Jar is just that.

A Manifestation Jar is powerful as it helps you get clear on what you do want in your life and to send a very clear message out to the Universe so you can get a powerful helping hand in the right direction.

As with all manifestation techniques, a Manifestation Jar requires you to be an active participant and to take action towards your goals, little and often, not just sit back and wait for something to happen.

Keeping yourself in a positive energetic vibration is important too. Try to focus on feeling gratitude, joy and positive anticipation, rather than feeling lack and scarcity at what you don’t yet have. Remember whatever you focus on, you’ll get more of!

Getting into the right energetic vibration is why I love putting a drop of essential oils in my Manifestation Jar. It’s impossible not to feel happy and thankful when I open the jar and get a whiff of Litsea – this immediately puts me in exactly the right vibration for manifesting!

I think using a Manifestation Jar is great and encourage you to give it a go – they’re a wonderful addition to your manifestation repertoire!

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To your best life,

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