How to Write a Manifestation List [In 5 Easy Steps]

To be successful with any manifestation method, you first need to be crystal clear about what you want. CLARITY is a critical factor that determines if your manifestation attempts will be successful or a flop.

A Manifestation List is an important tool in your manifestation toolbox as it helps to give you CLARITY about what you want in your life.

A Manifestation List is a manifestation technique that uses visualisation, scripting and positive affirmations to help you gain clarity about the dreams, goals and aspirations that you wish to manifest in your life.

When I’m working with my coaching clients, a Manifestation List is one of the first things we work on. A Manifestation List captures your vision for your life. It’s an exciting and thought provoking exercise that gives you a clear direction so you can focus your manifesting efforts.

So today, I’d love to share with you the exact process that I guide my coaching clients through to create a Manifestation List. Let’s get started!

Manifestation Tips

Before you start, here’s some tips (aka the secret sauce) to ensure you get the most out of this step-by-step guide to creating your Manifestation List:

Have a dedicated manifestation journal

Manifestation Journal: Get yourself a dedicated manifestation journal.

Have a journal that you use just for your manifesting – quite separate to the journal you use for your daily positive affirmations. Having a specific manifestation journal means that when

you get it out, it gives your unconscious mind a clear message that we’re now working on manifesting.

Write it Down: When creating your Manifestation List, you must physically write it down, rather than type it into an electronic document. There’s something especially powerful about physically writing your intentions down. Writing sends a strong message to the Universe that this is something important to you.

Manifestation List
Manifestation List

Check your Vibes: Create your Manifestation List when you’re in a positive mood, not when you’re feeling needy, desperate or down. For manifestation to work you need to be in a similar energetic vibration to that which you desire. You’re a magnet and like attracts like. If you’re trying to 

manifest something positive that has a high vibration but you’re in a low vibration it simply won’t work.

“You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Clear your negative energy: If you find yourself in this low vibe position, take a break to re-set yourself. Go for a walk in nature, take a nap or do some yoga and come back to it when you are feeling in a higher energetic vibration.

Manifestation List

If you are feeling this negative energy a lot, it could be that you have what Christie Marie Sheldon calls unconscious ‘abundance blocks.’ You need to clear these blocks before you go any further!

You can try loads of different manifestation methods but if you have abundance blocks, none of them are going to work, because energetically you’re stopping the good from coming into your life.

Christie has an amazing FREE masterclass called Unblock Your Abundance. In it she shows you how to easily clear these abundance energy blocks so you can manifest the life you desire (and deserve!) You can check it out for free here.

Unblock Your Abundance Masterclass

Take the Time: It’s likely that it’ll take a couple of sittings to complete the whole of this exercise. I like to come back to my Manifestation List, to build and refine it so that it feels the most compelling for me.

Remember, the key to manifestation is how you feel about it. High vibes! We want to move you up the energetic frequencies so that you feel the most positive about whatever it is you want to manifest.

So, don’t rush this, allow it to take as long as you need (but don’t be a perfectionist about it – get your first pass done and start manifesting with it!)

And finally, I encourage you to think broad, big picture and long term when creating your Manifestation List. Creating a Manifestation List is a wonderful vehicle to create a vision for your life, so stretch your boundaries and dream!

So, with all that said, let’s get started!

Manifestation List: The Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Clear Your Mind

Start creating your Manifestation List by clearing your mind and getting into a high energetic vibration. The best way to do this is by meditating. I like to start my meditation with a simple prayer:

“Thank you Universe for bringing me love and inspiration as I begin my Manifestation List today”. 

Then, spend a few minutes meditating, focus on your breathing and allow any thoughts to come and go without engaging with them or judging them.

Manifestation List

Step 2: Visualise your Dreams

When you feel ready, begin to visualise your dreams, aspirations and goals for your life.

Think about each area of your life. Health, wealth, career/business, love/relationships, family, friends, community and contribution. What do you want each of these areas to look like for you? Don’t forget to also consider how you want to BE. How do you want to show up in the world?

Visualise each area in turn. Images and inspiration may just pop into your mind or like me, you may find it helpful to ask yourself, “how do I want my health to be? What is my dream for my health?”

“How do I want my health to be? What is my dream for my health?”

Allow the image to build in your mind. Using all your senses, visualise it AS IF it’s already here. How do you feel? What are you doing? What do you see? Who is in the picture? What do you say?

Once you have your picture, I want you to turn up its intensity. Ask yourself:

If I made the picture bigger, would it be more compelling?

Would I feel stronger about it?

If Yes, make the picture bigger. If No, leave it as it is.

Now ask yourself each of these in turn:

If I made the picture brighter / louder / nearer would it be more compelling?

Would I feel stronger about it?

If Yes, make the picture brighter / louder / nearer. If No, leave it as it is.

 Make any other changes you wish to in order to make your visualisation the most compelling, exciting and joyful for you. Don’t over think this! Use your intuition and let it guide you.

When you’re ready, move on to the next area of your life. Continue this process until you have covered each area you want to in your visualisation.

“Use your imagination until your big dream feels so familiar that its manifestation is the next logical step.”

Abraham Hicks

Manifestation List

Step 3: Scripting

When you’re ready, open your eyes and start to write in your journal about your visualisation. Think of this as your brainstorming stage. Write EVERYTHING down without filtering, analysing, judging or criticising. Just let your pen flow and write whatever comes to you. Don’t hold back – get it all out on paper!

Write about all your dreams and goals for an area of your life until you run out of things to say, and then move on to another area.

If you start to run out of inspiration, close your eyes and bring your visualisation back so you can re-connect with the details of your dreams.

Step 4: Positive Affirmations

When you feel that you’ve exhausted all of your ideas and have captured everything you want to say, go to a clean page in your journal and start to work through your brainstorm notes. Take your ideas and begin to write out your wishes and desires in the form of positive affirmations.

Make your positive affirmations as short and concise as possible. If they’re long winded and unclear it will just dilute their effectiveness.

Ensure your affirmations are written in the positive. Whilst this might sound obvious, it’s often easier said than done!

It can often be easier to say what you don’t want, than what you DO want, “I don’t want this crappy job anymore” or “I don’t want to be broke” is often easy and front of mind but saying what you DO want takes a little more thought.

There’s lots of research that shows that positive self-affirmation improves your self-esteem, wellbeing, performance and achievement. More on this here.

It’s this wellbeing and achievement that we want to tap into when we’re manifesting, so make sure your affirmations are positive! As bestselling author Deepak Chopra says, “The reality you experience is a mirror of your expectations.” So set your expectations on the positive, life affirming stuff!

“The reality you experience is a mirror of your expectations.”

Deepak Chopra

I also like to start my positive affirmations with a gratitude statement. The Universe always responds well when we’re coming from a place of appreciation and gratitude:

“Thank you, Universe, for bringing my soul mate into my life”

If you want some inspiration for writing your positive affirmations, make sure to get the free guide I created for you called 365 Positive Affirmations: One for Each Day of the Year. 

It’s in The Manifestation Toolbox (along with many other free guides, workbooks and masterclasses) which you can access for free here.

Also, be sure to check out my articles, 300 Best Love Affirmations here and 170+ Best Money Affirmations, which you can find here.

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Step 5: Prioritise Manifestations

Once you’ve reached this stage, it’s likely that you have several positive affirmations for each area of your life. For example, in the area of family, you might have affirmations about your children, what kind of parent you want to be and the vacations you want to take as a family.

It’s best to focus on manifesting one thing at a time, in each area of your life. One for health, one for wealth etc. So, the final thing to do is choose what you want to focus your manifestation efforts on first.

It’s best to focus on manifesting one thing at a time, in each area of your life. One for health, one for wealth etc. So, the final thing to do is choose what you want to focus your manifestation efforts on first.

For each area of your life, pick which positive affirmation you want to start with. Once you’ve chosen one, start to focus your manifesting efforts on that, using which ever manifesting method resonates with you.

The journaling manifestation techniques are a great place to start – they’re powerful and they get results! Be sure to get access to my free Manifestation Toolbox as there’s workbooks in there to help you get started with 369 Manifestation, 33×3 Manifestation and 55×5 Manifestation.

You can access The Manifestation Toolbox for free here.

If you want super quick and easy manifestation methods, check out my articles on The Pillow Method and Water Manifestation.

Now you’ve chosen which positive affirmations you want to start with, park the other affirmations for now. Once you’ve had some success in manifesting your first round of dreams and wishes, come back to this list and choose a new set to work on.

Your Manifestation List will continue to grow and evolve. As you grow as a person and manifest new things into your life, what you dream for may also grow as you stretch your belief about what’s possible for you.

You shouldn’t need to start your Manifestation List from absolute scratch again (unless you want to of course!) – think of it as a working document that will grow and evolve with you.

Manifestation List: Final Thoughts

Articulating what you want in life is critical if you want to succeed with manifestation and taking the time to create a Manifestation List is a wonderful way to do this.

Writing positive statements about what we want isn’t as easy as it sounds. Culturally, we’re brought up to focus on the negative, want we DON’T want and what we want to avoid. We can also be made to feel bad for being ‘demanding’ if we say what we want as a child.

I struggled to say what I wanted for a long time – it took a real paradigm shift to move away from what I didn’t want, to what I did want.

If like me, you struggle to say what you DO want (and believe that you deserve it) I encourage you to look at it this way… Whatever it is YOU want, wants YOU just as much. We all have different goals and aspirations, so if a dream has taken root in your mind, then that means that the Universe WANTS you to have it.

So, I encourage you to give yourself the time and space to create your Manifestation List. It’s a great way to dream and get clarity on what you want your life to look like and it’s the crucial foundation to your manifestation success!

Hi, I'm Jessica

To your best life,

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