The Power Quadrant System Review

WHO’S THE power quadrant system FOR?

The Power Quadrant System is for you if any of the following sound familiar:

  • You feel nagging doubts about your future
  • You know you keep dating the wrong type of person
  • You’re just not sure if your current job/career is the right one for you
  • You’ve no idea what type of work you’re really meant to be doing
  • You feel you’ll never meet your soul mate
  • You’re unclear about your career goals or future
  • There’s no joy or passion in your work or life
  • You keep arguing and squabbling with your partner – often over irrelevant things. But you just can’t seem to stop!
  • Your job often makes you feel discouraged or unhappy
  • You feel there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done
  • You lack purpose and direction in your life

WHAT IS the power quadrant system?

The Power Qudrant System is created for you, me and everyone else who’s finding it hard to find their real purpose. It’s an easy to understand guide to the success code already present in your DNA. Understanding this will help you unlock your true calling in life and live a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.


The Power Quadrant System is a step-by-step audio program based upon an ancient calendar. For over 1750 years people used the secret code inside this calendar for deciphering who they were and where their special talents lay. But this secret code was lost when the Roman calendar was imposed on the New World. Until now that is!

who created the power quadrant system?

ONLY $7.00

The Power Quadrant System was created by Ric and Liz Thompson. They’re a married couple and publishers of Healthy Wealthy nWise and CosmicVibes.com.

Ric and Liz were a regular couple working together in their business. They experienced stress, frustration and financial pressures which all built up over time.

Eventually, it all fell apart during a product launch with Liz screaming,

“I can’t do this anymore!’


 This was the trigger for them to re-evaluate their relationship and ways of working. It led them to consult the calendar for the path forward, with astonishing results. They realised that the flow of their day was all wrong, as was their decision making, and that Liz was doing work that was totally wrong for her.

Ric and Liz spent more than 10 years developing the Power Quadrant System. In doing so, they unlocked the secret of this ancient calendar to help people find their true identity in life. And this is the amazing program that’s available to us today!

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN FROM THE power quadrant system?

The Power Quadrant System is designed to unlock the success codes already in you and give you insights so that you can start to live your very best life. It’ll help you answer some of the following:

  • Whether your current job/career is the right one for you
  • What type of work you’re really meant to be doing here on Earth
  • How to find the perfect superstar career made just for you
  • Who your perfect soul mate might be
  • Who to avoid working with at all costs
  • Why you keep having the same arguments with your partner and how to stop
  • What your partners secret code is and how it lines up with yours
  • Why you shouldn’t have to do everything – at home or at work
  • How to get 50% more done in a day by making one simple change
  • What your special gifts are


The Power Quadrant System includes a single audio, which is easy to listen to while you’re having your coffee, travelling to work or walking the dog.

It’s short at only 53 minutes so it gets to the point and gives you the goods quickly. There’s also a workbook if (like me) you like to scribble your thoughts and ideas as you listen. This part is a nice added extra but isn’t necessary – the main thing is to listen to the audio. Here’s what’s covered in the audio:

Career: this guides you to choose the right career path for you. If you feel discouraged or depressed about your career or have nagging doubts about your future, then this is for you. It helps you get clarity about your career goals and future and will enable you to finally create a sense of joy and passion for your career.


Work: this focuses on the fact that you won’t be happy or successful if you keep doing things that aren’t a good fit for you. And it reveals how to actually work out what is a good fit for you so you can start to live your life on purpose.


Interests: this will enable you to find out your interests and what you really like and dislike. This means you can start doing more of what you’re aligned to and what will make you happy!


Relationships: this part of the audio helps you understand your spouse’s code. This will guide you to better understand your partner, overcome disagreements and begin to connect in a deep and authentic way.

(Product is delivered instantly as it is digital, not physical)

ONLY $7.00


The Real Life Legends Club: As soon as you purchase The Power Quadrant System you get one month VIP access to The Real Life Legends Club. This is like a backstage pass to weekly interviews with some of the biggest superstars of the self-development industry. Think Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne and Stephen Covey to name a few…it’s pretty amazing!

Two Free Books: you’ll get free copies of the books Change your Mind, Change your Life and the Action BluePrint. You can use these to design your dream life and set goals to achieve it today.



  • It’s an all-inclusive guide that touches on almost every part of life
  • It uses real-world scenarios to explain ideas and concepts
  • Gives you clarity about who you are and how to get the most out of life
  • There’s no fluff or padding – it gets to the point quickly
  • The content is premium whilst being easy to understand
  • Since it’s audio, you can listen to it while doing other things
  • Makes it easy to implement a plan that will actually get results
  • 100% Money back guarantee gives you peace of mind
  • Amazing Bonuses: free access to The Real Life Legends Club plus two free books, Change your Mind, Change your Life and the Action BluePrint


  • It’s only available online
  • You’ll need an internet connection to access the Power Quadrant System
  • As with everything, results may vary from person to person


I did a lot of research into the Power Quadrant System to find out if it’s for real, if it’s just a nice idea or if it’s a total scam. While it may only cost $7 I still didn’t want to throw my $7 away if it wasn’t going to work! For me the Power Quadrant System took me on a journey of discovery. It answered a lot of questions and explained why I was finding things difficult in certain areas of my life. And it allowed me to make some easy and quick fixes which really worked.

I hope this review has answered your questions about the Power Quadrant System. I could write pages about how amazing the Power Quadrant System is but as with all things in life, at some point you just need to take a leap of faith and have a go. Ric and Liz are so sure that their system will positively alter your life they’re offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee. If you don’t discover three eye-opening things about yourself and feel satisfied with the information in the system, you can ask for your money back. So, you can make that leap knowing you have a safety net!

final thoughts

If you feel lost, unhappy or know you’re not living your full potential in any area of your life, then the Power Quadrant System is definitely worth a look.

The audio is 53 minutes and only costs $7 – so you don’t need a lot of time or money to get some amazing insights and finally start to live your best life. Of course, everyone is different and so everyone’s results will be different, which is why the 100% money back guarantee is a great safety net. There really is nothing to lose! Learn more here.

Once you purchase the Power Quadrant System be sure to drop me a line and let me know how you got on with it!

Final Thoughts

So, that’s my round-up of the best programs to manifest health and weight loss. It’s important to remember that while these are the programs that worked for me, everyone is different. Always consult with your physician or GP before starting any new diet, health or exercise program. If you do decide to give them a try, drop me a line and let me know how you got on - I always love to hear your success stories!

What's your favorite program to manifest health and weight loss?