Best programs for Purpose and Direction

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Taking the time to understand your true purpose is some of the most important work you can do.

We’re so influenced by society telling us what we should be thinking, doing and pursuing…but this is often not right for us AT ALL!

This is why you might be struggling to manifest. What you’re pursuing isn’t aligned with your highest good. It’s what you think you should want but your heart and soul isn’t behind it.

So here’s my favorite courses to get clear on your purpose, direction and what’s genuinely important to you. And courses to help you achieve your goals and manifest all that good stuff into your life! Let’s get started!

Best Programs for Purpose & Direction

Designing Your Ultimate Life by Jon and Missy Butcher: Best for designing your dream life

100 Day Challenge by Gary Ryan Blair: Best for using powerful sprints to achieve your goals

Reconstructing Reality by Vishen Lakhiani: Best for removing obstacles to achieving your goals

True Manifesting From the Soul by Michael Beckwith: Best for living your true purpose

How to Make Your Dreams Bolder by Naveen Jain: Best for expanding what you think is possible

Reconstructing Reality


True Manifesting From the Soul

Donna Farhi

Naveen Jain

How to Make Your Dreams Bolder