Best programs for Abundance and Wealth

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The manifestation of abundance, wealth, and prosperity is often high on the priority list when people start to explore manifestation. It certainly was for me!

Though lots of people try to manifest abundance and wealth, many fail as there are so many things standing in their way.

Energy blockages. Fear and worry about money. Limiting beliefs about money. And that’s before we even look at some of the unhelpful money behaviors we fall back on time and again!

So, my favorite programs to manifest abundance and wealth first focus on removing everything that’s blocking your wealth and prosperity and then building on this to bring abundance into your life. Here they are:

Best Abundance and Wealth Programs

Unblock Your Abundance – Best to remove the energy blocks holding you back from wealth

Healing Your Money Wounds with Ken Honda – Best to improve your relationship with money

Reprogram Your Mind for Abundance with Marisa Peer – Best to remove limiting beliefs about money

Build the Business of Your Dreams with Miki Agrawal – Best to kick start your entrepreneurial journey 

Multiple Streams of Income with Eric Edmeades – Best to create financial and lifestyle freedom

How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Life – Best to set up your environment for prosperity and abundance

Reconstructing Reality

Ken Honda

Japanese Art of Healing Your Money Wounds

Unblock Your Abundance Masterclass

Marisa Peer

Reprogram Your Mind for Abundance

Donna Farhi

Miki Agrawal

Build the Business of Your Dreams

Marisa Peer

Eric Edmeades

Multiple Streams of Income

Reconstructing Reality

Marie Diamond

How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Life