The Whisper Method [A Step-by-Step Guide]

I first came across the Whisper Method a while back, after I had fallen out with a friend after a silly argument.

I was reluctant to call her (as I knew it was important to stand my ground on this one) but did want to resolve the argument and repair our friendship. I was looking online for manifestation techniques to get a specific person to contact you and was intrigued when I read about the Whisper Method.

The Whisper Method is a manifestation technique which uses intention, visualisation and a high energetic vibration to influence the thoughts or actions of another person in a positive way.

So, I tried the Whisper Method and was delighted when a few days later, my friend messaged me, apologised and asked to meet for coffee.

Are you interested in a simple yet powerful manifestation technique that can influence the thoughts or actions of another? If so, then read on for a full step-by-step guide on how to do the Whisper Method.

The Whisper Method: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Whisper Method is an ideal manifestation technique to use when you want a specific person to do or say something. The person must be someone you know, such as a loved one, family member, boss, colleague, friend or even a ‘love interest’.

1. Decide What You Want

First, you need to get very clear on exactly what you want this person to say or do.

Write a clear statement which states what you want, written in the positive, i.e. say what you do want, not what you don’t want. Keep it short and concise as possible and ensure you use your name.

Write your statement down on a piece of paper or in your manifestation journal so that you can refer to it and use the same exact words each time you do this exercise. Here’s a couple of examples, written as if I were doing it:

“Jessica is exceptional at her job. Give her a pay raise of at least 30%”

“Jessica is the best candidate that you’ve interviewed. Offer her the job.”

“Tell Jessica that you’re sorry and you love her.”

“Call Jessica and ask her out on a date.”

“You haven’t been in contact with Jessica for a while. You miss her. Contact her and ask her to meet for coffee.”

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Remember, you must do the manifestation Whisper Method with love and a positive intention.

If it’s done in a mean, controlling way or you don’t have their positive wellbeing in mind, your intention will have a negative vibration and it won’t work. So be clear on your intention and ensure it comes from a place of positivity and love.

The Manifestation Whisper Method

“I behave in a loving way to all people, for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied.”

Louise Hay

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2. Choose Your Time

Once you’re clear on what you want your person to say or do, choose your time to do this manifestation technique.

I like to do it before I go to sleep in the evening. That way, once I am finished I can go straight to sleep and my unconscious mind can continue to work on my intention while I sleep.

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of setting intentions or goals before you go to sleep, check out my article on the Pillow Method here.

3. Visualise the Person

When you’re ready to get started, get yourself in a position where you can sit or lie comfortably for 10—15 minutes. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths and relax your body.

Using your imagination bring the person you would like to influence into your mind. Create as much vivid detail as you can. What do they look like? What are they wearing? What does their hair look like?

Imagine the person sat on a bench in a beautiful garden. They look happy, relaxed and calm. Fill in the details to bring your visualisation to life. What type of garden is it? Are there flowers? Or perhaps it’s a vegetable garden? Are there any sounds? Birds, a fountain or a trickling stream maybe? This is your garden so create it exactly as you would like! Next imagine yourself in the garden too.

You can either visualise it so that you are looking through your own eyes or see yourself in the picture. Either way is fine – go for whichever way comes easiest to you and allows you to get the most vivid picture.

You notice that the garden has a feeling of calm and relaxation and you feel happy and safe in the garden. You look across the garden and see your person sat on the bench. You can see them, but they cannot see or sense you. You bend down and take your shoes off and place them on the ground next to you. You walk over to your person sat on the bench and sit down next to them, close but not touching.

3. Whisper Your Message

Now that you’re close, focus in on their head and particularly their ear which is closest to you. Visualise their ear and focus all your positive energy on this ear.

Lean over towards them and place your cupped hands around your mouth, ready to whisper in their ear. Now, visualise whispering in their ear, what you want them to do. Say it slowly, clearly and with emotion.

Pause and then repeat it again. Pause and then repeat it a third time.

It’s important to use emotion when whispering your message as it raises the energetic vibrations of what you’re communicating. For more on this, check out this article here.

Once you have finished whispering three times, visualise yourself standing up and walking back to where you left your shoes. Put your shoes back on.

The Whisper Method_Jessica's Best Finds-min

4. Focus on the Emotions

Now turn your attention to the positive feeling that you feel when they do what you have asked – happy, excited, joyful?

Bring this emotion into the present tense and feel it NOW as it it’s already happened. Visualise the conversation that you’ll have. Where will you be? What will you say? What will you be wearing?

Act AS IF it’s already happened and this will get you into the right energetic vibration to manifest your desire.

“Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the Universe fill in the details.”

Abraham Hicks

Stay with your visualisation as long as you like – as long as you can keep it vivid and in a high energetic vibration.

When you’re ready, open your eyes and go on with your day, giving it no more thought. Or if you’re going to sleep, relax your body and let yourself go to sleep. Your unconscious mind will take over and work on your intention while you’re asleep!

5. Repeat!

Repeat the Whisper Method every day until your intention manifests, or something even better appears in your life!

The more you do it, the more natural and familiar it will start to feel to you, and this is what we’re aiming for. If something feels so natural and familiar to you, it will feel ‘as if’ and that’s when manifestation starts to flow.

Let it Go!

It’s so important to let your request go as soon as you have finished the manifestation Whisper Method, so you remain in a high vibrational frequency.

If you do this visualisation, but then feel anxious, controlling and stressed about when it will happen, then you’ll be in the wrong energetic vibration, and it won’t work.

The Whisper Method_Let it Go

So, once you have done the manifestation Whisper Method, turn your request over to the Universe and know it’s being dealt with. Go on with your day and give it no more thought!

“I let go of my need to control and let the Universe do her thing.”

Gabrielle Bernstein

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How Does the Whisper Method Work?

By articulating exactly what it is that you want your person to say or do, you’re living in the end result of what you want – you’re projecting the solution.

This means you’re no longer focused on the absence of that thing. This absence often turns up as those negative thoughts that keep running over and over in your mind:

‘Why hasn’t he called? He doesn’t love me anymore.’

‘She’s so mad with me. She’ll never forgive me.’

‘I desperately want that job. But it’s so competitive to get in there.’

How Does the The Whisper Method Work

To manifest the positive and good things in your life, you need to be in a positive energetic vibration. What you give out you get back.

If you’re in a low vibration of scarcity, fear or desperation you will attract people, things and experiences with a similar low vibration. Like attracts like after all. Living in the end result means you’re focused on the solution.


This this puts you in a different vibrational energy – a vibration of abundance, love and possibility. And so, with repeated practice, you’ll be able to manifest your desires easily and quickly.

The Whisper Technique also ensures that you are laser focused on the one thing that you want to happen. And this is clearly articulated to the Universe. Often, we ask for too many things all at once and so the message goes out to the Universe in a muddled mess and it’s not clear what we’re asking for.

The Whisper Method: Final Thoughts

The Whisper Method is one of my favourite manifestation methods. Once you get into the right energetic vibration and start to get the hang of it, the Whisper technique is quick and effective. The Whisper Method is pretty fun too. Give it a go!

Hi, I'm Jessica

To your best life,

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The Whisper Method [A Step-by-Step Guide]
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