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The Yoga Burn Program

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Yoga Burn is a 12-week online program designed for women who want to lose weight and tone up their body. Before I launch into the review, let’s cut to the chase, does it work? The short answer is YES. I lost 19lb doing Yoga Burn! My arms are noticeably more toned, I have greater flexibly and core strength. I also experienced the unexpected benefit of a reduction in stress and I feel calmer and more composed throughout the day. Interested? Read on for my full review…

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WHO’S yoga burn FOR?

The Yoga Burn Program is for you if any of the following sound familiar:

  • You want to lose weight easily
  • You have flabby arms and stubborn belly fat
  • You want to tone, firm and streamline your body
  • You don’t like going to the gym
  • You’re completely new to yoga or are at an intermediate level
  • You have aches and pains in your body
  • You don’t have hours to spare every day to exercise
  • You’ve tried to lose weight before but didn’t have much success

WHAT IS yoga burn?

Yoga Burn is a beginner friendly, 12-week online program designed specifically for women who want to lose weight and keep it off.

Yoga is an ancient practice which originated in the holy lands of India. It was developed by Yogis who spent their days in meditation and devotion. Through their practice they found yoga to be beneficial for dealing with chronic pain and a vast array of ailments.

Today, yoga is known for its many remedial and holistic benefits and comes in many different forms and styles. The Yoga Burn program is based on ‘Dynamic Sequencing’. This means you go through stages which are incrementally more challenging. Yoga Burn uses sequences of yoga poses, in a specific order, that are designed to push you slightly harder each time, so your body adapts.

ONLY $37.00

Dynamic Sequencing allows you to build a strong, sustainable foundation. It also supports your body to adapt to the exercises gradually. This means the changes you will see in your body will stick for the long term! It also means you won’t get bored or plateau! The secret to losing weight with Yoga Burn is that the yoga poses in the program increase your overall metabolism. This means you burn fat while toning the whole body.

who created yoga burn?

Yoga Burn was created by master yoga instructor Zoe-Bray Cotton. Zoe is a female body transformation specialist and has worked in some of the leading yoga studios, fitness centres and gyms in the United States. Zoe has completed over 15,000 hours of yoga training and taught 1000s of women how to lose weight. Yoga Burn combines her knowledge of yoga and female body transformations into an easy-to-follow program. Zoe developed the Yoga Burn program to empower women to regain their lost fitness and lose their excess weight gained over the years.

how does yoga burn work?

Zoe recommends completing three 45-minute yoga classes each week to get the fastest results. The Yoga Burn program is split into three phases. Each phase follows the principles of Dynamic Sequencing to provide faster flexibility and weight loss.

Phase One: Foundational Flow Phase

A solid foundation is critical if you want your positive changes to stick for the long term and the Foundational Flow Phase provides just that. This phase is four weeks long and focuses on building a strong foundation for your yoga practice and weight loss. This is a really important stage as it teaches you to do each of the poses properly and safely so that you avoid injury and get the best results. You’ll also improve your posture which will help with those little niggles, aches and pains in your body. Phase One also teaches you strategies to boost your metabolism to encourage weight loss. And you’ll also build a strong ‘mind-body’ connection through breathing exercises.

Phase Two: Transitional Flow Phase

Once you have a solid foundation in place, you move to the Transitional Flow Phase for the next four weeks. The foundational phase was about learning to do the yoga poses correctly. This phase is about learning to gently move from one pose to another to create a sequence of poses. So, in the Transitional Flow Phase you’ll start to combine the moves you learnt in phase one to create a smooth sequence. The moves are slightly more advanced with the aim of increasing the rate of calorie burn, heart rate and overall metabolism.

Phase Three: Mastery Flow Phase

This is the final phase of Yoga Burn. You’ll learn how to combine everything from phases one and two into a routine that will tone your body, burn calories and maintain your fitness. This stage really takes it up a notch! You’ll fully ignite your metabolism and get the maximum fat loss in this phase. This is where the magic happens – you’ll really notice the weight loss in this phase!


With the Yoga Burn program, you’ll get a 12-week yoga program that’s organised into three phases. Yoga Burn is delivered as both a digital download (for phones, computers and tablets) and physical DVDs. This is great as you can get started on the program immediately, without having to wait for delivery of your DVD’s. There’s also the option to download the workouts as an audio, which gives you extra flexibly. Personally, I didn’t do this as I wanted to see the videos to make sure I was doing it correctly, but it’s great to have that option if you’re travelling. 

As you can see from the dashboard below, there’s an introduction and three workouts for each of the three phases:


As if the main Yoga Burn program wasn’t enough – there’s some great bonuses included in the program to supercharge your weight loss transformation!

Bonus #1: Tranquillity Flow

This video runs for about 15 minutes and teaches you the basic principles of restorative yoga. I loved this one as it teaches you how to relax and stretch your body in healthy ways. It also has poses for muscle relaxation and tools on how to de-stress yourself. I used this one a lot when I was in phase one – it really compliments the basics you learn in this phase.

Bonus #2: Beginner Flow

This bonus video is for beginners who really want to practice the basic yoga poses. It’s purposely slow and has even more detailed step-by-instructions, so you can really get to grips with the correct form and ensure you’re doing it right. For me, this one was a tad too slow. I found the main videos more than adequate to explain what I needed to do, but if you want to strip it back to the real basics, this is a great option.

Bonus #3: Pose Tutorials

This bonus video concentrates solely on the poses and provides comprehensive step by step instructions on all the yoga poses. It provided tutorials and instructions on 21 yoga poses that are in all the phases of the Yoga Burn program. When I started the program, I used this bonus video a lot. It really helped me improve my form, posture and technique and gave me the confidence that I was doing it correctly. This bonus is a great addition to the program, as if you want to lose weight you need to be sure you’re doing each of the moves correctly to get the best benefits!



It Works!

Let’s start with the most important point – I lost weight doing the Yoga Burn program! Over the 12 weeks I lost 19lb, which for me was fabulous and to say I was pleased would be an understatement!! I still have some more weight to lose but for me this was an amazing start! My weight loss was a bit slow going at first. I didn’t loose much during phase one, but I did notice my arms were getting more toned and I started to feel stronger. Towards the end of phase two I really started to notice a difference, both on the scales and also measuring myself. I also got the unexpected benefit of starting to feel less stressed. My day seemed to flow better, and I would be better able to cope with problems when they came up during the day. Phase three was when the real weight loss kicked in and by the end of it, I was 19lbs lighter, more toned and streamlined – yay!

Flexibility & Strength

I started doing the Yoga Burn program to lose weight. But what I loved is the fact that while my body shape began to change, I also became stronger and much more flexible at the same time. My posture also improved and so the aches and pains I had in my body weren’t an issue anymore – I was lighter on my feet and had more energy.

Bonus Videos

The bonus videos are great and a really thoughtful addition to the program. The fact that Zoe went the extra mile and included them shows that she cares about her customers and genuinely want us to get the weight loss results!

Beginner Friendly

The Yoga Burn program is accessible for complete beginners – and I mean genuine beginners. I’ve done yoga programs before that claim to be beginner friendly. But they are beginner friendly for like 5 minutes before they up the pace dramatically and I get left behind! I also like that it is equally suitable for intermediate yogis. Because it’s in stages, it gets more difficult and pushes you exactly when you are ready to move on to something harder.


I liked the simplicity of the design. It’s easy to follow along and as the sessions are broken down into three clear stages, I always knew where I was up to. The instructions are clear and easy to follow – I never left lost or left behind.

I Could do it at Home!

I’m not a big fan of the gym, so I love that I found something that got the weight loss results without having to leave the house. I could do my Yoga Burn session whenever it suited me during the day, which for me was brilliant as I could fit it in with around the kids and my work.

It’s Enjoyable

I actually enjoyed the Yoga Burn program! Whilst I look a few days to get into it, before long I started to look forward to my next session and would miss it, if I couldn’t do it for any reason. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard or unpleasant to get results (aka a HITT workout)! As Yoga Burn is so tailored towards weight loss, it gets the results without it being painful!


At only $37.00 the Yoga Burn program is a bargain. There’s a lot of value packed in and is reasonably priced when you consider how much a yoga class would cost (especially if you multiply that over 12 weeks). Given the quality of the videos and the teaching, I would say she could charge much more for it!

100% Guarantee

The Yoga Burn program is backed by a 60 day 100% money guarantee if you aren’t happy with the program. This is important as it allows you plenty of time to try the program without any risk – so you don’t have anything to lose (apart from the weight of course!)

The Journey Continues

I love the fact that there are many options to continue your yoga journey after the 12-week Yoga Burn challenge. When I finished it, I was biting at the bit for the next thing, so I got the Yoga Burn Monthly program and also joined Yoga Burn Inner Circle. They have both been amazing! I’ve received tons of support and coaching as well as new yoga programs which have taken my yoga practice (and weight loss) to the next level! I promise you, once you get the Yoga Burn bug and see the results, you’ll be wanting more too!


You Must Finish the Program!

At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s worth pointing out that the Yoga Burn program will only work if you follow it! And it does take a bit of commitment to stick with it for the 12 weeks. It’s not a magic wand and doing it on and off for a couple of weeks won’t get weight loss results. But you will lose weight if you commit to it and do it to the best if your ability.

You Need a Decent Food Plan Too

If you do Yoga Burn while eating burgers and chocolate every day you won’t lose weight! Nutrition isn’t part of the Yoga Burn program, though I recommend you couple it with a proven food plan. Try the Custom Keto Diet if you want to get the best weight loss results. I’m a real believer that weight loss must be holistic. Just exercising or just focusing on food might get you some results, but to get the best results that stick for the long term, you need to do both.

Check out the Custom Keto Diet HERE.

Not for Very Advanced Users

Yoga Burn is amazing for beginners and intermediate yogi’s, though it may not be for you if you’ve been doing yoga every week for the last twenty years. That said, if you’ve been doing yoga every week for the last twenty years, I suspect you don’t need to lose weight!


Short answer – YES – if you follow it! Yoga Burn worked for me – I lost 19lb doing the program. Before I started it, I read loads of reviews on Yoga Burn and the general consensus is that, yes it does work for weight loss. In the first two phases you’ll likely see a bit of weight loss (and a lot of toning, strength and flexibility) with the main weight loss coming in the third phase. You need to see it through to the end to get the weight loss results! There’s a great video on the Yoga Burn website with loads of testimonials from people who have used the program and had great results. Check it out HERE.

If you’re not sure if Yoga Burn is for you, there’s always the option to do a short 7 minute quiz, to receive a personal recommendation on which program will be right for you. You can check the free quiz out HERE.

And also, don’t forget that you have the safety net of a 60 day 100% money guarantee if you aren’t happy with the program or decide it’s not for you. No Questions Asked! This reassured me that the creators of Yoga Burn are willing to back their program and really believe that it will get results for you!

final thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy to follow weight loss program that can be done from the comfort of your own home, then Yoga Burn is definitely a great option. It’s not a magic solution – you’ll need to put some effort in – but it’s easy and enjoyable to do, only costs $37 and most importantly, it does work!

Once you purchase Yoga Burn be sure to drop me a line and let me know how you got on with it!

Final Thoughts

So, that’s my round-up of the best programs to manifest health and weight loss. It’s important to remember that while these are the programs that worked for me, everyone is different. Always consult with your physician or GP before starting any new diet, health or exercise program. If you do decide to give them a try, drop me a line and let me know how you got on - I always love to hear your success stories!

What's your favorite program to manifest health and weight loss?


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